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# 00055 :  Barren Womb
Dear Sisters I wonder if there is any one out there who has gone through a situation as I am currently in. A barren womb is my problem. A year and a half has passed and still no good news. I am frustrated, angry at myself, disappointed and whatever other negative feelings are there, I have it. I feel my faith failing, though I have seen my Lord do miraculous work in my life. Yet now when he keeps silence on this matter, I wonder what's going on? Among my family and friends, none have gone this path and so please if any of you sisters have walked this path before, I would love to hear from you. Maybe there are other young sisters like me for whom your thoughts would be valuable. God Bless
Post by : peace  View Profile    since : 7 Aug 2005

Reply by : sharon4christ   View Profile   Since : 7 Aug 2005 1:13:43 PM Close
Dear sister ,

Its really heart breaking, when one goes through this situation in life .
I dont have any experience about this .
But my mother did went through this !!!

And not just 1 and a half years ....
But more than 4 years !!

Even the Doctors said that there is no hope !!
And it was impossible ,
if we look at it in the manner of Science .

The blood group was making the difference ....
The Rhesus blood group combination ,
which my parents have !!

And so my mother after hearing all this ..
she didn't lose hope .

She prayed a lot ....
My whole family prayed regarding this matter ,
and all their prayers were answered ...

My mother's tears were seen by our Lord ...
and thats why i am here with you all today !!

My mother have told me that through what all things she had been ....
but JESUS brought her through all that !!

Have hope in HIM .
Have faith and pray ,
believing that HE has given you your desire .


I'll pray for you .

Lots of love & prayers :

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Reply by : sachugeorge   View Profile   Since : 8 Aug 2005 6:19:07 AM Close
Hi dear sister.
Sorry to hear your sad situation. But take heart! I went through the same troubles.WE had to wait for three years...You do have enough time.Its only 11/2 years...
My experience is...
it's allright for you to be sad..irritated..
upset and even dipressed...But God made me to understand one thing..what ever I do, I cant make a child.So I stopped worrying...left every thing to Him the one who created me for Him.He answered beautifully.We have a baby girl of two years.
But I know it wsa not at all an easy path to tread.would like to hear from you at
God bless you sister.
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Reply by : sachugeorge   View Profile   Since : 8 Aug 2005 6:27:44 AM Close
One more thing are not alone in this plight..there is thousands..even in our fellowship circles.
Keep your smile.
God bless.
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Reply by : sharon4christ   View Profile   Since : 8 Aug 2005 7:52:17 AM Close
Dear sister (peace) ,

Sachu sister is very correct in this matter that you are not just the one going through this .

Even in my Church ,
there were 2 sisters going through this tough time in their lives .

And you wont even imagine that one of them was not having children for 14 years !!!!!!!
Can you believe it ??

And we all prayed ...
The whole Church did
And even fasted just for the victory over this issue .

And do you know what was the result of it ??
That sister has 3 twins !!!!!!!!
And all the 3 are healthy , beautiful kids .

And now the other sister also have a kid .

Praise GOD

Strengthen yourself , and pray without any doubts in your heart .

Regards :

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Reply by : sharon4christ   View Profile   Since : 8 Aug 2005 7:55:56 AM Close
And dear sister ,

Dont ever say that ,
you have a barren womb !!
No .

Believe that you have a -

Praise Jesus

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Reply by : peace   View Profile   Since : 8 Aug 2005 11:34:56 AM Close
Thanks a bunch to both of you. It really is good to hear encouragement from fellow believers. Yes I realise now that it is not me who can make babies but my Lord. I'll trust in Him and let Him perform his miracle in his time. I don't know if I can wait for 3 or 4 or even 14 years, but I hope he'll give me the grace to bear.

I tripped and almost fell, but praise God for those hands who lifted me. Thanks for the hug and pat on the back.

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Reply by : lizageorge   View Profile   Since : 10 Aug 2005 1:36:36 AM Close
Dear sister,
Luke 1:36
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Reply by : benjaminkv   View Profile   Since : 15 Aug 2005 8:51:13 AM Close
Dear Sister,

There is a couple in our church who had their first baby only after seven years of marriage. There is another couple who had their babay after eight years of marriage.

"(As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken, So shall thy seed be.And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb:He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform." Romans 4:17-21 KJV

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Reply by : benjaminkv   View Profile   Since : 15 Aug 2005 8:54:23 AM Close
And to add, we as a church organized a fasting prayer for the latter couple and and we wept before the Lord. God heard our prayers. He is a God who delights to do the impossible.
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Reply by : elsie   View Profile   Since : 17 Aug 2005 4:11:49 PM Close
Dear sister Peace, I am glad that you have chosen to be known as peace.God has given you the Peace that surpasseth all human comprehension at this hectic time of your life. I am a prayer warrior. I had a list of almost 8 or 10 brren sisters now the list is counted down to 2 0r 3. I am not at all boasting myself but I boast in my faith in my Lord who answer my prayer.You are not alone. History in Bible bigin with barrenness. Sarah ,Hannah ,Rachel , elizabeth,so on. You just beive that God has a purpose with everything that He does.You are married and wanted to become a mother. God wants you to be a praying mother and a Faithfull mother and also He wants you to be a real witness for Him taht Your God is a prayer answering God.So please wait patiently for the answer of your prayer and the many others who are praying for you.Nothing is too hard for our Lord. How much hardship hannah went through! But it was God's plan to prepare Hannah to bring forth a great prophet to Israel. If you endure and wait patiently God is going to bring Children out of you for His Glory.Fear and worry is not from God .Also that which is not from faith is sin[rom:14:23]What is your faith? Hpe against hope?.So now onwards please pray with thanksgiving that God has already pleased to give you what He wants and believe that He will do everything beautiful in His time.[eccel:3:11] ok? I am already started praying for you. Remember Phil 4:16. You already started feeling the real PEACE that passeth all understanding.Is'nt it?To God be the Glory.
Sister Elsie.
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Reply by : jpdobcofjc   View Profile   Since : 14 Sep 2005 3:11:54 AM Close
Sometimes it is the Lord's will for a couple to never have children. Instead, they are used for a different purpose...the typical family life of child-rearing, etc. that our culture has raised us to believe is of primary importance is not the path for everyone. Don't be tricked into thinking that marriage=children and that you're a failure if no kids are in the equation. Always keep an open mind regarding this such that your particular "end product" (i.e. kids or no) will be able to delight the desires of your heart in Christ.
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Reply by : elsie   View Profile   Since : 14 Sep 2005 11:49:42 PM Close
I agree with jpdobcofic. There are many sisters who have no children after marriage, many of them believe it is God's will. They are not disappointed. I met a sister who is the wife of a full time evangelist and the wife also is a good speaker among the sisters[An american].She said "Iam not at all disappointed. I consider this as God's plan that we both can go anywhere any time to minister and serve our Master" Like that if it is God's will He is able to give us children.If not God has a defenite purpose with that.But we can ask the Lord and commit our desire to Him who is able to do His will. Do not get disappointed or discourraged. Leave everything to God and to His will.
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Reply by : phebeanu   View Profile   Since : 26 Sep 2005 2:42:21 AM Close
He makes everything beautiful in His time.

A sister wishing happiness for you

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Reply by : phebeanu   View Profile   Since : 26 Sep 2005 2:45:20 AM Close
Remember, When the Lord gives, its never too late and never too early, its perfectly timed.

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Reply by : philip   View Profile   Since : 11 Oct 2005 2:03:53 AM Close
Dear Sister Peace:

1. See how many beloved sisters are there on this forum to encourage you and pray for you. This itself is wonderful!
2. See how many experiences are shared with you so as to enable you to gather trust and confidence in the Lord!
3. One of the greatest requirements in conception is the confidence of the couple. This is medically researched and proved. So you need to work on it and gather confidence in the Lord and face the situation.
4. Frustration, despair, depression etc. are your worst enemies and they will develop psychosomatic implications on your precious body created by the Lord and in which the Holy Spirit has taken permanent ebode, and will consequently affect your hormone system. This will have a lot to do with conception. So please confess these as sins and get victory and have a joyful and thankful life. This will definitely help.
5. You and your beloved need some physical examinations to be done by experts, no matter which part of the world you live. Please do that so that you will know if there are some deficiencies which can be remedied. It could be to you or to your beloved. This reality should be approached with courage and confidence in the Lord.
6. Sometimes, the answer to our prayers is a "QUICK YES", and some other times, it is "MAY BE" OR "LATER" OR "WAIT". Sometimes, it will be "NO". You and your beloved need to sit at the presence of the Lord and study the Word to understand and accept this reality. The Lord would give you this clear understanding as you study and pray together.
7. Our God is a God of waiting. You must be knowing (i) Abraham waiting for Isaac, (ii)Isaac waiting for Jacob and Easow, (iii)Joseph waiting to become Prime Minister and to fulfil his dreams, (iv)David waiting for the throne, (v) Jesus appearing as human thousands of years after the promise was given, (vi)the whole creation and the church have been waiting for about 2000 years for the return of the Lord and the redemption of the earth, and so on. These are all lessons for you.

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Reply by : philip   View Profile   Since : 11 Oct 2005 2:27:35 AM Close
Our God is a God of the Impossibilities. All things which are not possible by man are Possible in Him. So, as the hymn writer has written, we can laugh at the impossiblities of the World and Satan and shout: in Christ it shall be done, in His will at His time in His way. When He opens the doors, NO one can close it. Please read: Gen: 18:14; Job: 42:2; Lk. 1:37.

Please cry like Hanna (I Samuel 1) and promise the Lord that you will give the child to the Lord if you are so exercised, and then don't be an Indian Giver. (Don't take back what is promised to the Lord). This is a good Biblical example.

Remember, each month you have an opportunity, created biologically by the Lord in you, to begin anew with the Lord in exercising your faith. If he says "wait" during one month, you cling on to Him in faith anew for the next month and keep going until the Lord fulfils the desires of your heart.

Please be careful not to blame your beloved for the situation because what is happening is with the expressed knowledge of the Lord and that He has permitted it to be like this so far. This is for you to trust Him for your tommorrows. He will not forsake us nor leave us empty handed. He will fulfil the desires of the hearts of His beloved children and He gives us these desires in our hearts. We are asked to "Hope Against Hope" in all circumstances. There is no hopelessness in Jesus Christ. Take Him by faith and He will meet you there. Please also meditate on James 4:13-15.

After our first child was born, the expert gynaecologists said it was biologically IMPOSSIBLE for us to get another child. We prayed. And to the utter surprise and shock of the experts, the Lord gave us two more children. But we had to wait for 6 years to see the second one and then 4 years for the third. "Jesus Christ the same Yesterday, Today and Forever: Heb. 13:8

Please read and meditate on Psalms 20 and be comforted and cling on to your beloved Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. May His name be glorified. Amen.

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Reply by : peace   View Profile   Since : 15 Oct 2005 6:08:05 AM Close
My dear sisters
Thank u so much for you support. I'll reply soon.

God Bless

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Reply by : peace   View Profile   Since : 15 Oct 2005 6:50:52 AM Close
Dear Sisters

It's so good to hear positive thoughts from my sisters.

I am much controlled now. I don't despair and my husband comforts and supports me too.

Philip, regarding medical assistance, I've a polycystic ovary. It means that that there is more than one cyst in my ovaries. I have been under treatment for 1 year six months.

But I have stopped it. One reason 'coz I was tired of all the procedures and testss. This is not just my decision. But both mine and my husband's.

We have put our trust totally in the Lord. We are waiting for his time. "A quiver full of arrows". In his own time he makes all things beautiful. As one minister said, we are blessed by the Lord to undergo such a situation.

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support.

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Reply by : koreanorchestra   View Profile   Since : 28 Dec 2005 7:08:39 AM Close
Dear sisters

i think it is imperative that we realise that the purpose of a Christian marriage is not procreation it is ONENESS.

I am someone who has been diagnosed as having poly cystic ovaries and i know that God has a plan - and if in His plan i am not supposed to have kids so be it. CLearly - He has something better lined up for me.... don't u think?

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Reply by : koreanorchestra   View Profile   Since : 28 Dec 2005 7:10:42 AM Close
and lemme add - i ADORE kids - just absolutely ADORE them and would love to have atleast two... but let's see.....i am waiting for the grand plan to unfold- and whatever it will be ... it will the very best.
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Reply by : riverd   View Profile   Since : 14 Jan 2006 12:54:33 PM Close
Dear Sister Peace and the Other Sisters,
It is a pleasure to read all the positive responses that have been posted here. I too have gone through a similar situation for almost four years. My husband and I have been married four years and have been trying to have a child for about 3 and a half years. We sought medical help, but then felt led to stop. His parents put a lot of pressure on us for children. I was so ashamed to be around the family, because I felt like they look down on me. I felt like some people in the family treated me a little badly because I have not had children yet. And then when I saw other people,even famous people having children, it really broke my heart because I was fasting and praying and begging God for this and other people, many who don't even believe in God were getting pregnant so easily. I even knew a 13 year old child who got pregnant while we were trying to get pregnant. It just seemed so easy for everyone else.

To make matters more difficult, I am a teacher so I work in a school around children all day, and while I was never jealous of people's children, I just felt sad how some people have children and treat them so badly. I have one child in my school whose mother told him she wished he was never born. So with all that, I couldn't understand why God stayed silent on me and my husband's request. But then, my dear sisters, I am slowly realizing that as sad and heartbreaking as it is, God does not have the same plan for all our lives. The ability to get pregnant is not based on how holy a person is, even people who do not believe that there is a God, have many children. And sometimes people who love the Lord with their whole hearts and souls do not have children. So, I have asked the Lord to refine my desires. If he will not bless us with a child, I have asked him to take away the desire for a child from us and to give us the strength to deal with that. I want him to give us a desire for his will for our lives. I still want to be a mother, but God is sovereign and supreme.

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Reply by : peace   View Profile   Since : 15 Jan 2006 12:05:08 AM Close
Dear Sisters in Christ

Amen to all that you have said above. It's been 5 months since I posted this topic. My desire in posting this was to be strengthened for I knew I was falling into depression. It was worth it.

We'll complete two years of marriage this week. Looking back, I can see myself in different stages. Worried, anger, depressed, hope and then faith in the Lord who has promised "never to leave me alone". Now I thank the Lord that he has sent this thorn in my life. For it has made be grow more closer to him.

There were times when I had screamed and cried out to the Lord. He has and can do miracles. So why has he forgotten me. And then I was reminded of King Hezekiah. He had fasted and prayed for the extension of his life. And the Lord granted it to him. But during this period, a son was born to him - Mannesh, who walked wickedly in the sight of God. (2 Kings Chps 18 - 20)

Well, I then decided it is far better to wait for the Lord' time rather than put up a tantrum and receive and then later regret. My one prayer is that the Lord will give us the grace to wait. Not only to us but to our families too as they too are waiting for their first grandchild.

My dear sisters, I now see that there lots of sisters like me out there. In my prayers I'll remember you. it's my promise.

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Reply by : calvinist   View Profile   Since : 12 Dec 2006 9:20:25 AM Close
Dear sister,

I personally know two couples to whom God had taken around 4Yrs and 3Yrs in the other case for answering their prayers for a child.

Knowing about their need, without their request, I started pleading in my personal prayer for them continuously for more than 1 year. I thank God that God has answered my prayer and also ofcourse the prayers of lot of other fellow believers who knows them.


This is my personal experience:- You could start praying "Give me strength to see your 'invisible' hand in all the circumstances through which I have to pass". This reiterates my belief that my Lord is with me in ALL the circumstances of my life.

WHATEVER happens in the life of those who believes/trusts in Him is ultimately going to be for our prosperity!

with Christian Love,

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Reply by : peace   View Profile   Since : 2 Apr 2007 8:43:36 AM Close
It's been more than a year since my last posting. The usual case of being busy with lot of things and no time for internet.

However, I must apologise to my sisters for not sharing this news to you before.

Praise be to the Lord. He has heard our prayers and has blessed my womb. I'm pregnant - 6 months.

As I look back, I'm so glad that it took so long. The reward for patience is so sweet. I can feel my baby move and everytime it brings a smile and a tear.

We have a Lord who answers our prayers. Not only mine but my cousin too who had been married for 6 years.

When the Lord bless, he sometimes pours.

Thank you sisters once again for your prayers.

God bless you all.

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Reply by : elaine   View Profile   Since : 2 Apr 2007 10:15:24 AM Close
Dear Peace,

So thrilled to hear your news!!

Just recently I was reading about Hannah...and you remind me of her! God does have his perfect plan & perfect time, doesn't He?!

You'll have to update us when your baby has arrived!

Take Care & God Bless

Christian Love,


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Reply by : lizy   View Profile   Since : 3 Apr 2007 4:39:41 AM Close
Hi peace
Your posting was in August 06.
It reminds me of Gid's Promise - "And he said, (Next Year) About this season, according to the time of life, thou shalt embrace a son" 2 K 4:16 / Gen 18:10
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Reply by : givethanks   View Profile   Since : 17 Jun 2008 3:10:08 AM Close
Dear sister,
I do not have children too for not 2.... but 9 yrs..........
Im keeping the faith and waiting for His TIME and His ONLY!!
Be strong and take heart of the Lord and His wondrous ways!
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Reply by : mda   View Profile   Since : 19 Jun 2008 2:31:41 PM Close
Dear sister,
I went through the same situation. I had to wait 4 years for a child. It was heart breaking. But during those years,I always felt that God was teaching me something. I would talk to my Lord as though He was sitting beside me. I felt that closeness. And after each day, I would say to myself "There is light at the end of the tunnel". And sure enough there was. The doctors did not find anything wrong, but the Great Physician waited for His time. So do not lose hope. Stay firm and stead fast. God will give you the grace to accept whatever it is.Do not be discouraged, trust in the Lord. Our prayers are with you.
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Reply by : peace   View Profile   Since : 7 Jul 2008 12:27:48 AM Close
Thank you sisters for your words of hope and encouragement.
And as I mentioned earlier, the Lord did bless us, My daughter is one year old now and by God's grace in good health. Teaching us everyday about God's love and patience.
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Reply by : starrynight   View Profile   Since : 23 Apr 2009 9:55:59 PM Close
I just found this thread and wanted to add how happy I was to read through such encouraging notes from caring, lovely sisters, and of course to hear of the progression of Peace's journey into pregnancy and motherhood. Congratulations!

I am a firm believer in God's miracles because I am the recipient of such miracles myself, namely my two children, born after 4 years of repeated miscarriages and heartache. I held on to the promise in Psalms that I would be a 'joyful mother of children' and God made it happen. I also saw specialists who helped get my hormone levels on track, but I fully believe that while God brings you help in many forms (doctors, etc), He himself is the one who gives life.

I would also agree with the sisters who noted that children are not the final product of Christian marriage -- husbands and wives who cannot have children are still "complete" families. God has a special purpose for everyone; be open to it.

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Reply by : jasmine2   View Profile   Since : 5 May 2009 2:31:38 AM Close
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