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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00089 :  Duties of Sisters
Praise be to our Lord! I have been wondering a great lot from the time i came to Lord, that WHAT EXACTLY DO OUR SISTERS DO in their life.Mostly their duty is restricted to cooking meals, taking care of children and be a chorus when hymns are sung at assembly meetings,worships and bible classes.I may be wrong,and if i am i will be happy, but more than 90% of our sisters have nothing serious to do (actually they should be the torch bearers in our family life to pray etc)since their exposure to public speaking or facing public is negligible they just remain very timid. Female gossips have split assemblies, families and churches too. Gossiping is not their nature but since they dont have anything more solemn to adhere to they indulge in it,quite unknowingly. WHAT CAN BE DONE OUR SISTERS TO COME OUT OF THE SHELL AND BE MORE PRONOUNCED??
Post by : daniel3  View Profile    since : 19 Apr 2008

Reply by : mom23   View Profile   Since : 5 Jun 2008 12:23:02 PM Close
Dear Bro.Daniel,
I have been actually thinking of your query for sometime....I think I mikght have to divide it up into 2 parts - The role of women at home and their role in a church.
I must warn you I am not a preacher or a teacher but this is only my humble understanding based on some reading and my own experiences as a wife, mother and a child of God.

1. The role of a woman at home.
The duty of a woman at home is, first and foremost, that of a wife and then a mother.
She has been given a very, very important role that has been trivialized in this day and age by feminists to that of being a "housekeeper". Oh no! Dear sir! Do not trivialize the role God has given....the workings of a home to "just cooking and taking care of the children". Because can you replace a mother so easily for her children ? Can you replace her love for her home? Can you replace her in any of her commitments in her home easily? But an employee in a job can be replaced....easily!!
A mother has the souls of a next generation of christians in her hands. It cannot be trivialized to a mere "taking care of the children". She has a huge job of shepherding a soul to the Lord. To help them learn the truths of life and wisdom.
It is a 24 hour, 365 day job without pay, without paid leave, one from which you cannot take a break from, one you commit to for a long time through thick and thin.
Children are designed by God to link emotionally with a mother, to develop security, reassurance in their arms, to feel loved and cherished.....they never outgrow that need.
I was reading a book lately about "Bringing up boys" by James Dobson. He mentions some really thought provoking things about little boys. How much a mother plays a role in the way a boy shapes into a man. Men are sometimes not the most natural communicators...but women are.So how important she is in a child's life to communicate love to them because we see children who don't get that love, that nourishment and the troubled individuals they become as adults.


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Reply by : mom23   View Profile   Since : 5 Jun 2008 1:53:19 PM Close
You have portriats in the bible about women and their roles as wives...wives of faith.
You have women like Sarah - a study in contrast and contradictions, but still an extraordinary woman. A woman characterized by her deep affection & devotion for her husband, her submission to his headship (pointed out even by Peter in the New Testament), her hospitality, her faithfulness to her husband.
You have Hannah - OH! A wonderful blessed woman. A woman of faith and grace. A woman devoted to her home and motherhood. A woman inspite of all her anguish still showed such tremendous faith - a portriat of a godly wife and mother. Her love for her husband ispite of not having a perfect marriage (her husband's polygamous marriage) but it was a solid one.
(A parental communication of their marriage to their children stays with them for the rest of their lives...the fundamental lesson of love, self-sacrifice, integrity, virtue, compassion, understanding and forgiveness.)
Hannah's deep and abiding love for her God-her steadfast faith in Him. Her devotion for her home and family.
Samuel was raised in such a home with such a blessed, devoted mother. She directed the course of his learning, to grow in wisdom and understanding.
For me she is the epitome of what a faithful, prayerful, loving, committed mother can achieve in her home and her children. And God blessed her.

So, the role of wife and mother. But she also has other roles.....
The role of a homemaker.....which includes feeding her family with nutritious food, keeping them well clothed (laundry duty),keeping her home within a budget, comforting her family in
sickness, etc.
She also has a role to exercise her priestly duties outside the church which includes hospitality, charity, spending time in prayer with those in need etc.

2. The role in the church or rather her spiritual role.

Yes! her role is that of being silent in church. But I disagree to their exposure to public speaking.


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Reply by : mom23   View Profile   Since : 5 Jun 2008 2:13:51 PM Close
But women can do lots of other things to exercise their priestly duties.
What stops them from having ladies bible classes, where each of them are asked in turns to lead a study. They can choose to study using a particular study book or not. But this is a way to study the bible and express one's thoughts/doubts. This is also a wonderful forum for being more vocal.

What about having classes or studies with those older women who are knowledgable in certain scriptural attend a seminar etc.

I know of ladies who make it a point to visit everyone in the congregation, help out those in need, pray with those in need or turmoil, encourage those in need etc. This requires a sacrificial attitude and more than that love for our fellow believer in Christ.

In our church, we also have small bible classes in groups where we study a portion together with men, not at churches but at homes...we study about God's design for families, about the church, doctrines, the role of the Holy spirit, raising children etc. where both men and women contribute ideas/thoughts and pray.

Older women spend time with the younger ones, talking and praying with them about life, family, children, being women. You could find out the various gifts of some women, who are able to connect better with growing girls and have classes to channel them towards being Godly women later on in lives. Someone who can talk to them about their growing needs/ problems etc. in a confidentail manner.

I know of many women who also evangelize to their friends and neighbours and tell them about our belief. Through their actions, deeds, words etc. they proclaim Christ to the unbelievers who watch them.
The possibilities are endless. But it requires thinking outside the box, understanding what God wants from you, letting the Holy spirit use your spiritual gift the best way He can, submiting it all in the Lord's hands in prayer, accepting womanhood in all it's entirety etc.
As men you can certainly channel your wives/daughters to think about it

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Reply by : sra   View Profile   Since : 8 Jun 2008 6:02:43 PM Close
mom23, you are taught of the Lord. You were right on target about every point you made. We brethren, were part of a movement where our forefathers left everything that had an association with their former church connections, and they called themselves "Verbaad" - the separated ones. This generation has lost the vision of what God has intended for women and has imbibed every worldy value and framework of thinking.

How can we encourage our sisters to come out of their shell and be more pronounced? We husbands, fathers, mothers, anyone who has wives, daughters or sisters must understand God's design for sisters. We must communicate in every word and deed of the worth, excellence and the nobleness of their godly roles as Mom23 described. We miserable fail in that. The world throws at them everything but what God has desired. it is up to you to help them to hear God's voice instead of the world's and know how to answer the world. Scripture tells us clearly that we cannot serve God and man. We cannot please two masters. We cannot please the self and Christ. Sometimes the thought crosses my mind that the greatest saint in Heaven might be a sister from some unknown corner of the world who has spent so much time on her knees or otherwise praying for others in their spiritual warfare. A quiet and gentle spirit which is precious and incorruptible before God...the heart of a sister who ponders things and does what I write below:

Discourage our women from gossipping by not participating in it ourselves and nipping it. our conversations are enlivened by gossip. We think of those who speak spiritual things at conversations as "not very intelligent". We assume things about women who are quiet. We encourage our young girls to be "smart" at talking. We may not have explicit thoughts, but it is in our subconcious. The Bible makes mention of those who spoke of Him and a book of Remembrance will be written for them. How beautiful it is when I have done nothing but talk of my Lord and spoken of what He is doing in my life.

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Reply by : sra   View Profile   Since : 8 Jun 2008 6:19:09 PM Close
And conversation flows around that - testifying to the gospel of grace. This we need to encourage amongst our girls and each other.

When we do hear of others, do we see them in their relationship with the Lord? Do our hearts ache when their problems are mentioned as we see their souls as they are before Him Who made them - infinitely valuable and so precious that He died for them. The bottom line in every conversation is this - the glory of God to be seen in each other and for others to se His glory in all their circumstances. For this our hearts should beat. This should lead us to pray for one another and engage in spiritual warfare for one another. This should be our motivation. This will kill the spirit of evil gossip.

As Mom23 wrote, the possibilities for ministry for sisters is endless.
We dare not encourage them as some churches do to give them the assignments of teaching men or to have authority over men - this is the worldly feminist reaction we see in some churches.

God's mandate for the sisters we must understand and and teach our young boys and girls. These issues are not simple things. They are the crux of how the next generation will follow the Lord. Satan is a deceitful lion, seeking to devour us and cause us to not glorify our dear Father.

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Reply by : mda   View Profile   Since : 11 Jun 2008 3:18:08 PM Close
As a believer,God does not want anybody to be silent, but as a women, He has mentioned our responsibilities in the word of God. Various women in the Bible have been prayer warriors, showing hospitality to God's people. This is big ministry.These days it has been quite discouraging to see born again women at the pulpit and in weird attires. When we try to change the word of God, this is what happens and our testimony is lost. God wants us to be a witness for Him in this land. We must teach our children the word of God. This can only happen if we as mothers learn the word of God daily. This will prevent a lot of gossipping and phone calls and we can stay away from sinning. Pray for our churches, our missionaries, our countries, pray for the sick, visit a sick sister, be a mentor for a child etc.It is true sometimes we have to get the help of our husband, but that does not mean that we do not know what we are doing, but we are just following God's word. We don't have to be in the forefront but we can effective back stagers and surely we will be an example to many.
As human beings, we think everybody who stands in the front is great, but it is not so. Our back stage ministries will be rewarded one day when we get to our eternal home.
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Reply by : ayyopavam   View Profile   Since : 2 Jul 2010 8:26:55 AM Close

Ask to god. u r not going to get a proper reply from any of our brothres. 

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