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# 09388 :  What is GST registration? how to make it success?

I am getting some news about the GST registration. Actually i am not known about the GST registration. But i would like to know the GST registration process and what are the features are applicable in that. I have collected more details and information about my studies. I am getting interest to collect the unknown information and fresh types of data also. But i am getting interest to study about the GST.  i am searching more information about the business GST and product rates in online.

 I need the sum of topic and research work about that. I am getting more doubts and confusions about the GST calculations. I want to discuss with the experts and need to collect the ideas. I am getting some of explanations from my followers and friends. How to i can collect complaints and issues about the GST news and updates? I have possible ways for reporting the rates and GST registration steps. But i am not applied for my business. I am searching some of online products for my use. My father and sister is also collecting some of products for home uses. Those products are getting some GST rates with price.

I cannot see the GST rates for those products why? If any reason are available for that? Please tell me. I am getting the jewlery set GST rates and basic price details in online. What the rates are added for those metals? Please share the views and thoughts about the study of GST rating and registration process also. I hope you can share the accurate answers and issues here. I am also searching the good way and method for making the GST software to download? How to collect the invoice related news and other works for the GST software in online? Tell me here

Post by : barefoot  View Profile    since : 9 Jan 2019

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