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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00859 :   Wearing Jewelry: Is it a sin for New Testament (new covenant) believers?
Dear fellow believers/readers,

This discussion of Wearing Jewelry (sometimes to the point of unhealthy argument/accusation/arrogance/name calling) is very discouraging and dividing. With fear that many may misunderstand me as patronizing, yet with no such intention or even the desire to prove this point either way, I ask you to read the following and follow-through with the suggestion. As novice thought as it may sound to many, I assure you, it will yield results.

Many on this forum have very aptly pointed the fundamental rule for scripture study. That is to the essence: “Do not read and interpret the scripture to prove your belief or point, but let the scripture speak to you regarding the truth it is revealing.” For that you need an open and unbiased mindset willing to yield to the teaching of the Holy Spirit. Faithful, honest, surrendered!

When we are able to do such study, fully yielding to the Spirit, the arguments like;
“it is only your tradition”,
“our forefathers practiced it”,
“what is the good in wearing jewelry”,
“how does it glorify God”,
“it only servers to show pride”,
“thieves may take it, you are safer without it”,
“my pastor/elder taught me so”,
“we don’t need any symbols to show we are married” etc may vanish.

The crux of the reasoning in any discussion of Scriptural matters should be “does the scripture teach us so”? Nothing else! We all may have knowingly or unknowingly divided the word of God for our argument point and advantage. Our usual practice is to quote verses from here and there, without taking a holistic view and argue and dishonor ourselves and our Lord.

For clarity of the subject of study, the real question has to be asked. Here I venture to pose the question as “Does the Holy Scriptures forbade the new covenant believer from wearing ornaments?” Many of you may be able pose this question differently, but the real issue should not be lost in our study or argument. Let’s keep focused on that.

Continued …

Post by : spectator  View Profile    since : 26 Jul 2006

Reply by : spectator   View Profile   Since : 26 Jul 2006 4:11:33 PM Close
Page 2.

For those who do not want to yield to the well presented teachings by a few; and to all who would like to make an effort to find the truth on this matter of “Wearing Jewelry: Is it a sin for New Testament (new covenant) believers?”: may I call for the following actions:

1. That before making any more arguments or entry on this forum; make a commitment before the Lord that you will study in utmost earnest all aspects of this subject for the next six months without prejudice towards any opinion or proponent of any opinion. (We have been tackling this issue for the past few decades. I hope another six months is not too late.)
2. That you will pray each day before and after your study for the Spirit of God to reveal to your heart the truth about this subject.
3. That you will research all scripture reference to jewelry and read the context for which it was mentioned.
4. That you will write notes and your opinion of each reference and your unbiased opinion in good conscience before God of the particular reference.
5. That you will then cross reference all this study after six months to each instance and see how and why each instance of jewelry wearing was mentioned and how it relates to the issue that is bothering you so much.
6. That you will come back to this forum only after six months of study and post what you really believe after the study, with as much detail as you can.
7. That you will ‘walk/live/conduct/act’ based on the conviction of what the Spirit of God taught you without judging or having prejudice towards those differ from you; based on your study and conviction give to you by the Sprit of God.

If you can do what is suggested above faithfully, THEN, there will be nothing to argue about. You KNOW what you believe is what is revealed to you by the Sprit himself. There is no more need for proving it to anyone else either. If you do not want to bother with such an undertaking … then you are not really bothered for yourself on this matter but have become one for others.

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Reply by : George P. Koshy   View Profile   Since : 23 Oct 2008 4:47:51 PM Close
Dear 'spectator,'

So tell us what the scripture teaches. So far, you pointed your finger at others.

Shalom Malekim!!!

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Reply by : spectator   View Profile   Since : 11 Nov 2008 9:38:27 PM Close
My dear Br. ‘george p. koshy’ –

Thank you for bringing this note back to the forefront of the forum – as it was dead and gone for almost two and half years. The original post was made on 26 Jul 2006 4:NN PM, during the time when there was a lot of ‘finger pointing’ as you say and bickering and disagreements regarding this subject.

Because of the very ‘pointing of fingers’ that you are alluding to and to which you are an ardent contributor in my humble observation and opinion, which can be contested by you by all means – I had refrained from looking at this forum for a while in the past several months. Hope you will thus understand and pardon the delay in the response to your poke.

At that time it occurred to me that many contributors may not have really thought through or made an effort in earnest to study themselves on this topic of such consuming interest to them, which I personally find curious (I mean the level of interest) which I may suggest is because of the cultural interest or bias or influence - meaning, that of the ‘B/brethren’ that you were also a part of, while in Kerala.

Hence I outlined a method above, for examination of the said topic by individuals, a method that works for me. Since you did not contribute any other method of study, which in itself astonishingly departs from your normal forte; I would take it that it was acceptable to you also.

Regardless, I find it very interesting even after more than two years, you have not been able to form an opinion on this subject, which is of probably no fault of yours, as it seems, this is a complex one in comparison to many others that are being debated here!

Would it be then possible, and fit to your reason, that I may request that you kindly follow the guidelines posted in item #6 above, especially, for you to continue this discussion?

Best regards,

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Reply by : George P. Koshy   View Profile   Since : 12 Nov 2008 12:49:17 PM Close
Dear 'spectator,'

I did not bring this forward. The person who did that deleted his posting after brought it forward. Considering the time you took to respond, it could be you.

You as usual cast stones on others and pretend to be the advisor of all, by pointing finger at others. Those who find fault with others are eager to give orders, how they should behave, while the advisor do not. This is not strange in this world.

Shalom Malekim!!!

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Reply by : spectator   View Profile   Since : 12 Nov 2008 2:40:52 PM Close
Your artistry in evading real issues and accusing others has already been noted not only as tragic but even comical. Now, you not only accused me of pointing fingers, but also called me a liar. I am not surprised. This forum has come accustomed to it from you and I also expected it while responding to you. Anything less only would have been a surprise. In fact I have observed that you thrive on such prowess making many innocent ones your victim and applaud yourself.
Shame on you!

Show some character Koshichaya!
When are you going to lighten up? Or grow up?
Or practice what He preached, while claiming to be His disciple?

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Reply by : George P. Koshy   View Profile   Since : 13 Nov 2008 5:00:11 PM Close
Dear 'spectator,'

Did I call you a liar? Where did I do that?

Your writng, "...but also called me a liar," is contrary to the fact. it is true that such distortion of facts from you is a common occurence on this forum.

Shalom malekim!!!

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Reply by : spectator   View Profile   Since : 13 Nov 2008 9:47:35 PM Close
I believe you have sung this song many times and
the forum has heard it enough. This horse is dead
and I will give you the pleasure to do the
obsequies. Enjoy!
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