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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00234 :  will god forgive if we commit sin

hi brethren,,my probllem is tat me and my boyfrind had committed a sin by getting little physically close but now  we regret it.......we both are born again christian and baptised..nw we want to know if the lord would forgiv us...and wat do we do to not repeat this sin again...please help feeling really guilty........please

Post by : evlin  View Profile    since : 15 Apr 2010

Reply by : moses2006   View Profile   Since : 15 Apr 2010 8:08:04 PM Close

The best thing a child of God can do when fallen in sin, is to bring the sin to the light of the presence of the Lord. Do not take it and hide it from Him in the dark corners of your heart. Bring it to Him, confess your guilt and repent of the sin - He is more than willing to forgive. If you are willing to believe that He died for your sin, then He is capable also of forgiving your sin. Have the faith to accept His forgiveness and love Him more and to serve Him more.

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Reply by : oso2005   View Profile   Since : 21 Apr 2010 7:13:45 PM Close


I am a born again child, and like evlin said, even I do commit sins. It is inevitable, but I try not to but it just happens. I am confused with what moses2006 said above. When I became a child of God, did not God forgive all my sins through the blood of Christ, and I stand blameless before the Father.

Then what is the point of asking forgiveness again? Does he actually forgive each time we ask him to for the sins we do?


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Reply by : oso2005   View Profile   Since : 5 May 2010 7:09:58 PM Close

can someone xplain my above question? Or is there no answer to it?

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Reply by : sambudhanoor   View Profile   Since : 6 May 2010 2:56:31 PM Close

Dear oso 2005

You can see some answers in the following thread:

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Reply by : paul5   View Profile   Since : 5 Feb 2016 2:01:21 PM Close

Being a born again believer --When god forgives us for our sins/ after we seek for forgiveness-- on the judgement day will we still be judged for our deeds?  Asit is written in Ecc 12:14 "For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing,whether it is good or evil."

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Reply by : mvidyasagar443   View Profile   Since : 21 Jun 2017 5:19:50 AM Close

Dear if you both are really bornagain how came to closer physically? and the thing is, you will get forgiveness from God if you have real confession in your heart but remember some times we will get punishment too, like david.or some curse it my small or big...etc

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