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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00024 :  Friends and Love
Is having friends beyond the Believers circle wrong? "Be ye not yoked with unbelievers" Is it any kind of realtionship with unbelievers, or is certain relationships allowed and others not at all?
Post by : Jay  View Profile    since : 8 Sep 2001

Reply by : reb00t   View Profile   Since : 9 Sep 2001 6:38:53 PM Close
I don't think it's wrong to have unbelievers as friends, because Jesus Christ himself dined and hung around with sinners.But they should not influence our lives and acts, rather we should influence them and bring them to Christ.
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Reply by : James   View Profile   Since : 19 Sep 2001 2:29:05 PM Close
Try to understand the difference between a brother and a friend.Making friendship with unbelievers and earning them for Lord is good.But a believer must marry a believer ony.
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Reply by : Mohanan   View Profile   Since : 28 Sep 2001 6:01:42 PM Close
The life on jesus christ . In crooaified
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Reply by : Yakob   View Profile   Since : 3 Oct 2002 8:26:43 PM Close
Christ came into this world and loved everybody, you can have unbeliving freinds, but it's our goal is to spread the gospel of Christ to them and others. Don't developed a romantic relationship with them, that is just not right (unless they belive)( for the right reasons, and not because you guys wanna hook up). Belivers and Unbelivers should not be unequally yolked. God doesn't want us not to have friends, we need to have all kinds of friends ( belivers and un belivers), but most importantly don't forget who you are around your friends ( a saved chiled of God willing to share the Love of Christ). Peace out!
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Reply by : svarg   View Profile   Since : 2 Jan 2013 9:24:14 PM Close

Having unbelievers as friends is a great opportunity to tell the gospel to them. I have lot of them and I constantly spread the gospel to them.

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