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# 08242 :  Doctrinal Identity loosing ground

The hot  topic of "ornaments wearing" has been discussed time and again on various forums. Elders blame the yunger generation for their attractions to worldy life as a reason for the increasing trends in Brethren Believers advocating "whats wrong with wearing a little gold?" All that asside, recently i attended a wedding solumnised by one of the largest Brethren Assemblies in Kerala. Presided over  by a well known Evangelist. And in that the Bride and groom exchanged rings...  What grounds do we have in writing extensive articles against such practices and allowing our own seasoned brethren to practice the same? arent we being Hipocrits? the trend theses days is... if you are rich and are a source of funding to the church, you are excused. The poor and new commers are hounded with doctrinal purity while the seasoned, 5th 6th generation Brethren can do all they want and nobody questions. Why do we allow this among us?

PS. looking for a general discussion and not to disrepute anyone.

Post by : ichabod  View Profile    since : 28 Oct 2016

Reply by : paizanjoe   View Profile   Since : 29 Oct 2016 8:38:42 AM Close

Hello Icahbod,

There is a lot of misguided doctrines that are taught within the Christian community. all perpetuated by some bible teacher or evangelist. If you go through some of the discussions in this forum, you will see some interesting characters who write to instigate nonsensical talk through some tangent that they create. 

The KB forefathers stayed away from ornaments and jewellery for a reason of being 'separated' and to give a distinct identity of being believers in a society where money, wealth and ornaments was everything. It clearly was not a mandate but a practice they inculcated to prove their distinctiveness in in those times.

This is not the case everywhere though. Christ did not come to save the malyalis only. Salvation is for all mankind, but 'only' many are truly saved. Why do I mention this? This is not big topic of contention abroad or in the northern part of India (unless some funny KB evangelist land up there <in most circumstances> and start that crusade). Sex discrimination is not considered crime abroad because people don’t have vile intentions. It is treated like any other thing a person does in the modern world. So is wearing jewellery which has far greater history and started much before Abraham. Wearing jewellery, eating different kinds of food, going to a movie theatre, having unbeliever friends - the list goes on and, these are not the measure of a believer. A believer is a person under the control of God to mirror Him on earth. Like Christ did. All through prayer, testimony and meditation.

The battle between money and God is going to go on. But one need not worry too much about it because Someone who is the Creator is watching all this. Whether the knowledge of this causes them or anyone to repent is a call God takes. We as faithful people who demonstrate the love of Christ, should pray for his wisdom and courage.




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Reply by : ichabod   View Profile   Since : 29 Oct 2016 10:40:12 AM Close

Hello Joe

Thanks for your Views. Yes indeed regional view points cant be considered a global Doctrine I agree. But you are wrong in saying tht only Some KB evangalists are the reson for this. I know of American born citizens (not NRI) And a Panjabi friend of other denominations that follow similar seperation practices..(I have come accross many strong belivers who arent associated or Influenced by any KB evangelists but directly by the LIVING WORD) Its their conviction based on their indepth understanding of the Bible.. not forced upon by KB evangelists... And my friend ,practicing what "nobody else has problem with" in a particularr region isnt advicable.. i know of churches that have marijuana adicts taking part in the lords table. There are people involved in varios fraud bussineses taking part in the lords table in our very own KB churches... It may not be a big deal to that local church, but it hurts our identity.. It hurts our testimoney in this WORLD.

My focus is not on all that actually. My focus is on the fact that WE ourselves are partial in our own practices. Thats when we loose ground. the focus is on "PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH IMPARTIALLY" or just dont force it on others while you dont stand by it yourself. We do need seperation from this world at many quarters, cant deny that. Cos Jehove did say that to the Israelites When he took them to cannan.. Dont follow the egyptian life nor the cannanites lifestyle. be yourself... but well Modern day its like.. when in Rome Do as the Romans do... From this forum discussions I realised that its NRI folks that have problems with traditional practices of the old... They want to change with the Changing Tide, which Im afraid is what The  BIble clearly warns against..

The reason i chose this name ICHABOD in this forum is because i feel like Phinehas's wife when she named her son this name while the Ark was captured, and said "Glory has departed from Israel "

waiting for more views

Thank You


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Reply by : paizanjoe   View Profile   Since : 29 Oct 2016 1:48:12 PM Close

Dear Ichabod,

As I had stated earlier in my first paragraph, the topic of ornaments and other issues are more prevalent within the KB community. As stated, this is not an issue of discussion within them unless it is perpetuated by an evangelist from the south propagating it. 

Who can stop one from participating in the Lord's table? Can an elder who is influenced by money and make his bread through crooked means tell a drug addict not to participate in the Lord's table? No, they can't, that is why you see all this happening in the churches here. There is a parable about the wheat and tares (Mathew 13.24-30), these things are bound to happen.

You should be assured of your own conviction and faith in Christ. The aspect lies in you being impartial and bearing that testimony. Not expect what the other brother should/need to do. If you are convinced that there is no issue in a person wearing ornaments or some other matter. You should communicate it in the manner the spirit guides you (Colossians 4:6). If you do, nobody can stand against you. (James 4.7)

You need not worry about whether the church has a good testimony. What I mean is that, if you are convinced by Christ and bear a great (or good) testimony, your life will reflect on people in the church who watch you. And people will see you as the mirror of all what Christ was (I Cor 11.1). Through you and like-minded believers, the church would be protected and guided by Christ. 

Last but not the least. Though she said that, do you believe that the glory of God left Israel permanently? No, it did not. It did come back. And through David and Solomon, Israel entered the glorious golden age of their tribes. It did come and go but look at it this way. Today because of the grace of God, you, me or any brother burdened with such issues should look at one thing.

Micah 4:5 (KJV)

For all people, will walk everyone in the name of his god, and we will walk in the name of the LORD our God for ever and ever.

If you believe this. You are the man of God. We all are. It is great privilege. We forget it many a times.





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Reply by : ichabod   View Profile   Since : 29 Oct 2016 6:35:53 PM Close
Hello joe Thanks for the post. Yes i do agree with you. We can't expect the same conviction from all, but what hurts is the blind eye shown by elders and leaders to specific people cos probably they are of financial gain to the assembly. Gone are the days when people stood strong for what they believed in rather than for petty gains or favours. I am not worried about the testimony of any church im worried about the testimony of the universal church... Cos i belong to a family that left traditions and practices of the old churches. Now they mock us telling,"look at your people how they are... What difference does it make? At least we don't hide our desires and scream hallelujah, praise the Lord" Indeed the glory didn't depart forever. This Ichabod stage might pass only when HE returns in all HIS glory. And yes our burden is our own. And yes we will walk in the name of our Lord forever. Thank you, Good bless Ichabod
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Reply by : paizanjoe   View Profile   Since : 29 Oct 2016 11:54:59 PM Close

Hello Ichabod,

I understand your ‘zeal’ and I presume you are young. May God keep enriching you. Once upon a time even I was ‘angry’ with a lot of things that my local churches (Been in 7 due to travel, hopefully the 7th will be last church) practiced. And I used to fret over my lack of voice.

Today I don’t. Why? Because when you realise the power of God that is within you. No one can stand against you. Even if they are ‘elders’ or anyone with supposed power. When you know how to answer people within the community with meekness, yet a firm outlook. ‘Everyone’ who hears, will listen. It is not necessary for them to follow, but at least they will listen and it would be there in the back of their minds for the Lord to do His work at His said time.

Again. The universal Church is the bride bestowed to Christ. She is pure. The Lord knows who is His (2 Timothy 2:19). Only those will go to heaven. Not everyone who says Jesus is Lord will be saved. Cause if that was the case, the demons should have also gained salvation (Mathew 7:21). You need to check and be assured that your own calling his true (2 Peter 2:10). The universal church (which is heavenly) is made of people the Lord knows as His and form the very building blocks of it. It is taken from the Local church which is earthly. This is a larger topic of discussion and study. But in summary, don’t worry about the universal church’s testimony, that is already something the Father has sealed through Christ.  

To end and hopefully encourage you. Be assured in the Lord. There is nothing impossible with Him. He is good. He is great. We have the Great One by our side. May God continue to lead you and teach you His marvellous ways.



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