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What visitors say about

Here are just a few of the comments received from our visitors and we thank you all very much.

Greetings. I saw this site for first time. Wonderful site. A person met me by seeing my name in this site. He is a good believer now. The site has become a blessing. Thank you. But I request you to update the old addresses.
Panchanan Paul, Orissa
Iam well pleased and happy with the contents in your site. You can continually improve please do try to upload much more, newer & older songs which will be a reason for great joy for having all the songs at one place to acess.
Jackson Philip, Maharashtra

It was nice to visit your website. the only suggestion and request is that please include the e-mail id also in the brethren list
Shradha Singha, Karnataka
You guys are doing a great work. God Bless you. Please attach the photos of the evangelists in the Evangelists Directory.
Ravi Kumar D, Tamil Nadu
I would like to know whether there is any option to select few songs from the whole list and hear it.  Now I find that I can select only one song at a time. The songs are very good
Jovar Kripabhavan, UAE
We thank fo your good effort. God blees you all.
Arul George, Tamil Nadu
Greetings to All of You,
its a very good website for people like us. i getting the brethren news from this website only. and if you add two more things in this, that should be greatly appreciated. we should add some childrens programms  also like SBS, and small animated stories etc. if it is not possible please mention the contact number and address of evangilist those who are working for this ministry.
Sincy Chummar, New Delhi
This source is helping to know more latest informations among brethren community. May God Bless You.
Giby Baby, Kerala
thanks this is a good work. may it be continually used for His glory. God bless you all
Paul Samuel Mathew, Tamil Nadu
Congrats. I am really happy to see like this one website. It is very very good. There is lot of things which I can study and meditate. And even we brethren can know all the news what is happening there. And I would like to thank each one you for your great effort. May God bless you all. Please countinue to do your good works as our Lord second coming is very near.
Thank you once again.
Binumon Mathew, Madhya Pradesh
Dear brethren:
This is a short message to wish a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to the brethren who are working behind Kerala Brethren Net and also those who are participating in this network.  I thank the Lord for each one of you for your faithful service to the Lord and His people.  Thanks for your efforts to spread the Gospel, encourage the evangelists and help the needy among us.  Much to be done.  Let us work together during 2006 for His glory and purpose. Our Lord is good and He is coming soon.  Let us be ready.  With warm greetings and best regards.
Your brother in Christ,
P. Joseph Raju, United States
we've liked your site! we liked to know that in other places in the world there are people whose have the same faith like us. to you all "graça e paz da parte do nosso Senhor e Salvador Jesus Cristo(grace and peace  of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ)"
igreja ev. (irmãos) gafanha nazaré, Portugal
I am very impressed on this site.  It is wonderful.  Congratulations. This site is very profitable for the children of God. 
May the good Lord bless you all and your efforts.
Daniel Thomas, Evangelist, Bhavnagar, Gujarat
Greetings to you in HIS blessed name,
I was very happy to go through the web site and I see that it had grown and grown everytime... I remember checking it out the first time may be a year back... Pretty good effort is put on. I wish if we could improve on the chat a little more.. and little more on the collection of songs..
Benly Ebenezer
Dear All,
We appreciate the work you are doing. All the forums are good. We request you to give more space to prayer requests
Samuel Vargese. Trustee, Zion mission charitable trust thrissur
hello the site is doing well. and helpful for all information. praying for better service
Johnson.P, Kollam
Dear Christian Brethren
Your site looks wonderful. It is really helping the people to learn the word of God. Sermons are of very useful and beneficial to the Spiritual Growth of any christian believer. It is an excellent service. I got more information about the Christian Assemblies, Bible studies and Evangelists in India. I am praying for this ministry. May Almighty God bless this service.
Shyam Brother : Rajahmundry (India)
I am very impressed by the site and especially by its contents. A big WELL DONE guys. May our God and Saviour bless you continously to make it even more and more useful for his children and for the glorification of His name.
Jaison Jacob, UAE
Dear ones,
It was really a surprize for me that I could find some of my favorite Malayalam praise songs. I am really grateful for the service you provide to the users around the world such a praiseworthy effort. May our loving Father bless you in your ministry. btw. I am a Christian having a Muslim background. God bless y'all
Mohamed Faizal, Romania
Indeed I am quite happy and thank God for such a wonderful website we have. Hope every Brethren believer will make use of this website for His glory and honour. Hope every one will keep the spiritual standard while posting the answers/ opinions on the website. Please be "sincere and serious in your teaching". Our attitude should be the one that Jesus had. May this be a Link to all the Believers around the globe.
With Christian Love & Prayers
Abraham Varghese, Edmonton, Canada
We stumbled in to this site, what a great job you have done..thank you. We are a small brethren community in this area, it's an encouragement to us.. and nice to hear the songs. We understand and appreciate your hard work
Shaji Varghese, United States
It's a very blessed site in General. May God bless everyone ie. those who are directly involved and behind the curtain too.
Monson Abraham, Abu Dhabi
Calvary Greetings!!
I really appreciate the people behind this good job.The malayalam Christian songs in mp3 are really good., Pls try to include more & more songs new & old in this section as soon as possible. May God add His blessing to all your efforts. My prayers are with you all.
Anne Chacko, USA
I deeply appreciate your ministry through this website. The General Forum is a very good tool to communicate ideas, thoughts, opinions, discussion, debate, doctrines,etc. But I wish, being this a spiritual forum, believers use their real names when discuss on this forum. Lack of accountability on the part of some participants has polluted the Forum and almost undone its value and purpose. I don't know whether it is too late to correct this situation. When the discussion is not civil, it practically prohibit lot of people taking part in it.
Again I thank the Lord for you for this ministry as it is very profitable for the brethren around the world. God bless you.
Yours in Christ,
P Joseph Raju, Michigan
Brethren let me make some comment once again. Ever since I found your site, I have visited it many times. I would like to tell you beloved, it's so useful and user-friendly. As you know many of our publications in print as well as electronic are used for selfish purposes to project themselves and their ideology. But you chose to make it a help to the common believers. Wonderful indeed. The interactive pages, matrimonial sections are all very useful. Let every believer get the opportunity to share his/her burden or doubts etc. It is high time we begin to ask, speak up against the many unscriptural practises that slowly creeping in. Thus the open forum will help.
Don't be worried about the critics!
Bye. May God Bless you all .
Yours in Christ Jesus
Nelson Thomas, Mumbai
I feel the contents under the heading "What we Believe" could be expanded a bit more to include some other vital doctrines, which are very much relevant to the present time. Certain fundamental dogmas which the 'Brethren' hold very close to their heart and are disputed by others does not find mention in the section.
AG George, Doha
Excellent service. Only recently I could find out this programe and praise God for this wonderfull previlege that we have to make use of this media. May God bless this ministry. I am looking forward to see more features. I am praying for this ministry while I enjoy this web site.
Elsie Baby, USA
Shalom from the city of the great King,
I found this web site very accidentally, but it became a very big blessings to my spiritual life in Jerusalem. I am saved and baptised through a brethren church, but unfortunately I need to move to another congregation under certain circumstances. I really want some malayalam songs, and I got it, thanks. Here in Jerusalem I'm working in an organization.
Blessings and prosperity both in spiritual and in natural to the brethren church in all over the world,
In Yeshua's love,
Cherian Zachariah, Israel
This is a beautiful site. I am a regular visitor here. You are doing an excellent service. I got more information about assmeblies, Evangelists in India. Bible study and discuss forum also well. Congratulations to you.
Thanks & Best Regards
Vinoj MK, Bahrain
Very Good site. Could you please add more hindi songs.
Jerline Jacob, Dubai
This is a blessed site. Plz make a web site for malayalam Bible.
May God Bless you.
Satheesh Kumar, Mavelikkara
The site is excellent. My favorite section is the MP3 Song List. Just a quick request. Can U also make avaialble some populary English Choruses & Hyms.
Thanks a Lot
Sheeba John, Sharjah
This is a very blessed site. Specialy the songs are very nice. plz update new songs.
Satheesh Nair, Saudi Arabia
Beloved Brethren,
Greetings in the Lord. Though I heard about your site some time ago, I could visit only recently, that too only the home page. From here itself I understand that your site is very userfriendly and many of our people will benefit from it. I did try to down load the mp3 messages.
As you know there are some who use internet for all kinds of schism and selfish purposes, happy to note that you have a broad mind and goal. May the Lord bless your efforts. Ofcourse I will make more meaningfull comment as I vist the whole of your facilities.
Yours in His glorious service.
Nelson Thomas Evangelsit, Mumbai
Indeed this is one of the best site filled with lots of information, let the quality be maintained and upgraded every now and then. It will be an added color to the website if more songs from different languages and more messages are included. Subsequently Please do include more articles from quality writers.
with regards
Franklin Solomon, Mysore
Its a wonderful job you guys have done on the site. The design is explicit.
May God help you to keep up the good work.
Jason Cheriyan is an absolutely excellent source of various informations. Apparently this is only the second issue which I have got but has my PC fully loaded with every bit of information I have recieved through it even the songs and the messages. Though some of the messages were what we have directly heard from these speakers but it was so nice to have them in our collection as these comes handy in midst of trying times.
You brethren, especially those involved in the production and distribution of this service may please accept our congratulations and we pray to the almighty to give you enough grace and wisdom to continue this effort. We wish that the quality may remain the same in the coming days. Over the period the quality may improve but it should not go down as is seen in some of the publications recently.
But God continue to use you in this ministry as you may continue to strengthen the believers through out the world.
Johnson Baby, Delh
Very good site. Good collection of songs. Could you add the songs like 1) Parisudhan Mahonnatha Devan, Paramengum vilangum Mahesan... 2) Enthandam enikkendandam Yesuventey koodeyulla nerum Manoharam athu chethoharam... 3) Karuthunnavan njaan allayoo kalangunnadenthinu nee, Kannuneerinte thaazhvarayil kaividukayilla njaan ninney..
Santhosh Iype, Dubai
This is an excellent site. I never knew that we have such a wonderful website. May God add His blessing to all your efforts. My prayers are with you all.
Cicil Cheeran, USA
Really this site is wonderful. May the Almighty God bless this ministry.
Shaji Varghese, Dubai
Thank you for the wonderful ministry that you were doing it. through your website, we the belivers residing in KSA got the opportunity to hear lot of wonderful songs and messages. May the good God hlep all of you to do more work for Him.
thank you for your wonderful service.
George B, Saudi Arabia
Very Good!!
Shaji Varghese, Abu Dhabi
Its a wonderful site. Keep it up. In the Directory of Evangelist if you could add the phone numbers then it becomes easier for the people who search for it.
Joyce Samuel, Haryana
We do pray for this website ministry. It is benefitted for us. A humble request is to add songs of our brethren like George Peter, PM Joseph, Aniyan Vargehese, KV Issac, K Daniel Williams, Poulose Thudiyan etc as many of their songs are famous and favourite to many people. Hope you will inlcude colum for our brethren children also in the coming future.
Joy John K, Kuwait
Excellent Site Thanks GOD. Pls Add More Old Songs.
John Mathew, Abu Dhabi
I have browsed through your site. The matter was not of much importance and I dont think it would be important at all for anybody. You have a category called evangelists. I understand that quite a few of them are from Kerala. What exactly are they up to. Had quite a lot of them tended to other businesses, it would have done a lot of good to the people at large. Hope you and they would begin to think on this issue.
Shantala Nair, Kerala

Had a chance to go through the list of spiritual songs and the selection is good. May I suggest to include more T.K.Samuel Songs and K.V.Simon songs instead of adding more other songs.
Really appreciated the web site and I enjoy the messages by brother R. Krishnankutty. You are doing a very good job. Keep it up.
Jacob Scaria, Canada

The malayalam Christian songs in mp3 are really good.,
PLs include more & more songs new & old in this section as soon as possible.
Sunil Varghese, Mumbai

Thank you for making available in your site the messages from veterans like Bro. Kirishnankutty and Bro. John Kurien. The messages of Bro. Krishnan Kutty on this site is felt to be extremely effective & authoritative. May the Lord use him for defending the faith and the widespread of the Gospel in the days ahead. I shall be obliged if you can pass on this admiration to Bro. Krishnankutty.
Equally I like the message of Bro. John Kurien. May God use him further as an effective tool in His hands.
Babu Philip, Bahrain

I was so delighted to this web page. I never knew about it. I just wanted to find out whether there is anything on Kerala Brethren and here it is! May this be a great blessing for "Brethren".
Kuravackel Varghese, Texas

Your site looks good, good job. Thank you for your help in encouraging others to study the Bible.
May God Bless You.
K.I. Thomas, Dallas

Brethren,Christian greetings!
Great website!
David Salve, visiting USA
Excellent site. May God add His blessing to all your efforts.
My prayers are with you all.
John Sebastian, Puthupally
This web site is excellent, really good. Sermons okay, add some songs too. Keep it up.
P. J PHILIP, Australia

I am excited to see the do-it-yourself matrimonial column on your site.
This is a great social service. Lots of love
Dr. Johnson Philip, Kochi

I would like to congratulate you for making available the audio feature in the site. It will be very nice if you could make available popular English & Hindi songs in the site very soon.
Babu Philip, Bahrain